Best Practices for REST API With Java: 10 Tips and Tricks

Verifying if the response code equals to 200 or not to decide whether an API testing is passed or failed is familiar to new API testers. The most common API output you need to verify in API testing is the response status code. Is a standard protocol defined by the W3C standards for sending and receiving web service requests and responses. As a developer, I have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge in C#, software architecture, unit testing, DevOps, and Azure.

api testing best practices

Nevertheless, testing web services and APIs, both internal and external is critical in producing quality software that works for the end user in a manner that it’s supposed to. API testing is the process of verifying api testing best practices that the APIs meet the requirements specified by the stakeholders. In the testing pyramid, API testing belongs to integration testing. Unit testing’s biggest challenge is that it takes a lot of time.

If they are not validated properly, issues such as wrong string/data types and parameter data outside the predefined value range can come up. As presented below, REST APIs consist of various different parameters such as request method, request URI and query parameter – just to name a few. These parameters can take up countless combinations that have to be tested, as specific parameter combinations can lead to erroneous program states. For details about the specific tests that developers use to test APIs, see the Types section below.

API Security Testing

In the end, it’s a good idea to have at least two end users using your API at the same time. These two users should use the same logins so they can see what each other is doing and fix problems as they occur. Select the right tool for the required type of functional Testing. Furthermore, functional tests can be configured to gracefully cope with error conditions that would normally halt the test. The more often the source code is modified, the longer it will take to do maintenance.

api testing best practices

Each element, like a text box, button, and text display, is tested to check if it performs the expected actions. These individual elements are called ‘Units’ which gave rise to the term Unit Testing. Functional Testing is only concerned about the ‘user perspective’. It checks for accessibility, usability, and good application experience. It is not concerned about the coding aspects of an application.

#5 Mock missing API and 3rd party dependencies

This may provide greater security and, occasionally, less code. However, the SOAP API does have the drawback of being slower and bulkier. A straightforward test strategy can assist in avoiding delays.

Security testing can find potential defects and API weaknesses that may lead to data loss, money, and credibility. REST API refers to a set of architectural restrictions rather than a protocol, making it more about data accessing than actions like SOAP. It uses either JSON or XML formats, which are considerably quicker. The SOAP API uses a standardized set of message patterns to carry out actions. It uses a unique method called an envelope to send the message.

api testing best practices

And cover all relevant parameter combinations is a tough nut. Manual testing is often too time-consuming and tends to neglect edge cases and vulnerabilities that stem from the communication between services. And, if those colleagues are already familiar with such tools, they’ll be able to discuss a product’s advantages and limitations. In certain cases, you may need a security expert to help design the security-related API tests and select the preferred tool to use. For the remainder of the tests, nearly any standard tool will work. It would then check the reaction of the API for multiple yet regular volumes of test data and evaluate interaction behavior with other APIs and services.

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A sample of your API documentation should be provided so that the end-user can test your API. You can ask your customers to test the API by clicking a link in your email campaign. Testing is one of the most important parts of any development process. Before you release your API to the public, you need to make sure that it’s well-tested and secure. It’s critical that you cover all of the different aspects of your API in order for it to function properly. Getting started with API testingHere at, we are committed to making API testing easy and reliable for everyone.

If you’re not using an interior API, you miss out on many SEO benefits. You can also do competition analysis, generate your site’s top ten keywords, obtain the domain’s traffic data, and see your website’s visibility trend within a specified period. So, API and SEO work equally well and must be optimized to their maximum efficiency. By including security and performance testing as part of your API testing, you can ensure that your API is secure and efficient, which will help garner the trust of your customers.

api testing best practices

It’s a set of rules that controls how apps or devices interact with one another. If they aren’t, developers may find it more difficult than helpful. To provide the best service possible to clients, you must follow the REST API with java best-practices. Once you have tested the API in a simulated production environment, you can release it to the live production environment. If you find any issues in the test environment, they can be quickly addressed and fixed. This helps ensure that the API is functioning properly and meeting the needs of the end-users.

What Is Unit Testing?

With a good unit testing process, developers and testers can save time because bugs are found early in the process. And skipping or limiting unit testing can make it harder to fix bugs later on. So, it is vital to do unit testing at the beginning of the software testing process before making plans for integration testing. Also, outdated data can lead to problems while fixing in production environments.So proper cache techniques need to be incorporated in the design of rest api for java. Meanwhile, SOAP is an actual protocol, built to enable applications to communicate across languages and platforms. REST APIs are generally seen as more flexible and faster than SOAP protocols.

Chaos testing distributed applications requires extra assurance – iTWire

Chaos testing distributed applications requires extra assurance.

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But the manual approach is typically preferred in other scenarios, such as when it’s impossible to develop automated test cases to cover every possible scenario. Software testing is a complicated process with a lot of steps. It’s an integral part of making software, ensuring that only the best product gets to the end user. Unit testing is a way to test software programs and apps to see if they work the way the client wants them to. If there are still problems, they should be fixed as soon as possible so that they don’t show up in the version sent to clients.

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Perform testing to check boundary value conditions and acceptance. The first step to begin is to perform a smoke test before proceeding with the functional test of the APIs. It is completely independent of any particular programming language since it requires data exchange using XML or JSON.

  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) of developers say they relied on APIs more in 2020 than in 2019; almost three-quarters (71%) say they’ll use even more APIs in 2021.
  • GRPC is a Google-developed open-source data interchange mechanism that uses the HTTP/2 protocol.
  • Tens of thousands of APIs are released on the internet every year.
  • Postman is being used in masses, has numerous facets and is easy to work with.

This allows the search to be performed across all versions of the browser, ensuring a seamless development experience. The client-side can’t handle this data as easily, especially in web browsers. Learn more about how Software AG secures your APIs and integrations here. You can also learn more about API security with our video series on YouTube. Without proper limits on access to resources, an attacker can easily overload your API system. An API will often publish more data than is displayed through the UI client.

Many of these tools are available for download completely free of charge, while others require a purchase. The user interface is examined during this kind of API testing. UI testing concentrates on the interface experience that connects to the API to ensure the expected experience. QA teams develop an API testing checklist to assess the functionality, effectiveness, and accessibility of the software app’s front and back end. Is an essential component of developing software and plays a vital role in ensuring that the final result is of high quality. It lets developers check how each unit works and find problems before they happen.

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Meanwhile, sanity testing involves checking to see if the results that the smoke testing comes back with makes sense when put in the context of the API’s main purpose. For example, if the API is supposed to bring back specific foreign currency exchange rates, such as US dollars to Japanese Yen, then the results should display as intended. The results should not depict an exchange rate that is wildly divergent from the current exchange rate.

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The rest api best practices outlined above can help you meet your development targets using REST API with java . A platform that manages APIs can make it easy to create successful APIs even if you don’t know much about coding. Filtering, pagination and other features can increase performance by reducing server resources. These features are increasingly important and is one of rest api best practices to include them when designing rest api with java.

These API tests help eliminate such vulnerabilities from the software under test. Postman is being used in masses, has numerous facets and is easy to work with. It has a straightforward user- interface that will ease sending requests, fill in required test data, select the HTTP method and hit the “Send” button. In this article, we will highlight 2 main types of WebService APIs, Rest and SOAP. A user sends a request to the server , now when the data server receives this data, it reads/interprets it and transmits the response accordingly.

Automation is another key best practice and is helpful for repetitive testing tasks and processes that are difficult to conduct manually. Automation is critical for achieving continuous delivery since it allows software teams to run more tests in less time, accelerate testing life cycles, and increase testing efficiency. Automation is particularly ideal for regression test cases and applications where testing is required before every new release. APIs play a critical role in application performance by making it easy for internal applications and integrations shared with business partners to talk to each other. Customers benefit from APIs too as they streamline the purchasing of products and services.

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