11 Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders For Selling Online

On top of that, you need to have zero experience establishing online clothing stores or any other – Zyro took care of all the heavy lifting instead of you. Just plug and play, get familiar with it on the fly, and have an eCommerce website set very soon. BigCartel is more straightforward than many of the other eCommerce website builders covered here, but could well be suitable e-commerce website for small businesses or people wanting to sell a few items. However, you might find the one-page layout and basic level of customization restricting. You can choose one of the three premium plans of Strikingly, ranging in price from $8 to $49 per month if you want to use a custom domain name. Zyro is a user-friendly site builder with attractive, tidy designs.

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. While building a business means varying revenues, the average ecommerce site in the US can bring upwards of $150,000 per month. You also want to ensure you have a high level of customization so you can uniquely represent your brand. Last but not least, take the time to understand intuitive design that will work to guide your visitors through the store. However, premium options will cost you on WooCommerce, so if you want to utilize specific features, you may need to budget for per-month charges. BigCommerce offers a free trial, so you can see if it’s right for you.

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Have you been brainstorming about whether you should start your online store or not? Perhaps the bright idea is to branch out and bring your brick-and-mortar store online, or you’ve figured out a plan to start your own ecommerce platform from scratch. We have a great track record and the skills needed to design a professional online store that will please both you and your customers.

First we checked if the platform had a multi-channel feature, then, if so, how many different websites you could sell on. We also took into consideration if the feature came at an added cost, if it was in-built, or if you had to add it through an app. Matter Matters is both an online store and virtual art gallery – Flora Leung uses it to showcase her art, as well as selling it online. The initial setup for Big Cartel is very easy, and you’ll be guided through all the important steps for creating your store, like adding products. You can’t sell in more than one language, and you can’t set up customer accounts or password-protected members’ areas on your site.

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It’s a platform that will grow with you, supporting the trajectory of your business. It received the highest customer score of all the builders we tested, and an impressive 93% of Shopify customers told our researchers they were satisfied with the ecommerce platform. When it comes to value for money, Wix is one of the best we tested. Considering the awesome features it offers, its three ecommerce plans are very affordable. The cheapest starts at $27 per month, which is a whole $2 cheaper per month than Shopify.

Some platforms like Wix allow you to create a branded email address or purchase one from their website. If you’re building a new business and want to start with a free basic builder option, take the time to understand what will be necessary to scale. The upside of Ecwid is its affordability, with a free option that gets you started selling online quickly. With the Shopify platform, you can easily sell products from your online store through other social platforms with the click of a button. Think about a basic site with two or three sections that look repetitive and mundane versus a site that features unique elements and design functionalities. Scrolling text, moving icons, parallax movement, and more complex visuals help make your online store unique to your brand and memorable to your customer.

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Its blogging tools aren’t the match of WordPress , but they’re a much easier platform to learn. Sell online and in-store services and take online bookings with prepayments or deposits. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

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Wix knows a thing or two about creating websites and online stores – so much so, that it takes first prize in our ecommerce ratings with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5. Volusion’s industry-leading site speed actually makes it one of the best platforms on the market — especially for experienced users. However, with an ease of use score of 3.2 out of 5 — due to its restricted backend and complex user design — the ecommerce website builder is unable to appear any higher on our list. The Standard plan allows you to list an unlimited number of products with any payment processor you want. However, it doesn’t give you access to some of the customer-centric features that are now commonplace, and your annual sales are capped to $50,000.

Despite the affordability of its Business plan, we don’t consider it to be especially good value for money because of this. Although Zyro is generally one of the easier builders to use, we found that certain areas of its backend store manager weren’t very intuitive when trying to create an online store. You’ll need to switch between the two dashboards and this makes it difficult to visualize how it’s all going to come together in the end. If you aren’t fully ready to commit to an ecommerce-specific plan, we’d recommend opting for the Business plan. This comes with reduced ecommerce features but still allows you to sell an unlimited number of products. While talking about some of Shopify’s pitfalls, we should also mention its transaction fees.

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Squarespace is the easiest to use website builder, according to our research. It scored a 4.2 out of 5 in our ease of use category, topping all other ecommerce website builders in the process. The simple drag-and-drop functionality allows beginners to fully customize the site, and the ability to change templates after it has gone live makes it that much better than Wix. Wix’s ecommerce platform uses exactly the same design tools as the regular Wix website builder.

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Its app market rivals even that of Wix, so you can increase your store’s functionality as it grows. Balancing this against the other categories helps us rate and compare the builders fairly, focusing on important factors that users have told us matter most. As the world is moving towards a mobile-first world, this is the right time to use website builders for creating websites in a quick time. Last but not the least, we have X-Cart, a versatile alternative to the many names on this list that gives you all of the functionalities that you need to launch your online store. The user interface is intuitive even for users that have a non-technical background.

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Overall, it’s pretty difficult to build a brand with Big Cartel. It’s much easier if your business is already fully established, but if not, carving out a unique corner of the internet could prove tricky. Because of this, we only awarded it a score of 2.2 out of 5 for design.

There’s no way of getting around them, either, like there is with Shopify. Unsurprisingly, Square Online’s interface is very similar to Weebly’s. That being said, you’ll enjoy Square Online’s fresh features, and you can even take advantage of its free ecommerce plan to see if it’s really such a great fit. The result is Square Online, which combines powerful payment processing with an easy website building platform. Squarespace is a really strong all-around choice for combining a stylish storefront with classic ecommerce features, such as creating discounts and promotional pop-ups. You can add products to your online store from your Wix dashboard.

  • BigCommerce is a large-scale ecommerce platform that helps provide software services to retailers.
  • Wix is the most beginner-friendly e-commerce website builder on our list.
  • Once you understand the components of a successful site, you can use our list above to decide which platform you want to build on.
  • With twenty years under its belt, it is undeniable why it is the best eCommerce website builder on the planet.
  • Outside of small or outdated ecommerce platforms, these essential features shouldn’t be hard to find from a quality ecommerce site builder.

However, the number of ecommerce templates available compared to other builders is disappointingly low. Luckily, those that are available are very appealing, so users won’t struggle to find a template they like. Second only to BigCommerce, it has a near-infinite list of ecommerce tools to boost your sales performance. In recent years, Wix has made significant improvements to its ecommerce offering that’s resulted in its score increase and led to us dubbing it the best overall ecommerce website builder. The Squarespace website builder comes with some quality add-ons, templates and tools, and a universal style editor to create your ecommerce website.

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Shopify and BigCommerce lead the way with impressive bulk import features. You can export and import your products via CSV spreadsheet or database. Non-ecommerce specific website builders like Weebly and Squarespace also have bulk product import features.

This is a great way to determine whether the platform works for you before committing your money. You don’t need to provide your credit card details to sign up for the free trial. While there are no monthly fees to use WooCommerce, you’ll incur the cost of domain registration and web hosting, which will vary based on your web host. I’d recommend hosting your site on Bluehost or SiteGround, which are some of the best WooCommerce hosting companies in the market. Sell everywhere One platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are—online, in‑person, and everywhere in‑between. Retailers like Grace & Lace found the lack of flexibility and ease of use to be major drawbacks of using BigCommerce.

Shopify has three paid plans that cost $29, $79, and $299 per month. This guide will give you reviews of the 11 best free ecommerce builders and help you choose the best one for your needs. Or do you need more advanced features like adding size charts to product pages and adding a live chat window? Think about how you want your website to look and feel and what extra features you need to make it happen.

However, most serious companies will need at least the middle-level Professional plan to remove Weebly’s ads from your eCommerce store. One of the advantages of using a specialist eCommerce platform over a bespoke website is that they generally include eCommerce website builders. Weebly https://globalcloudteam.com/ is reasonably simple to use and offers smooth integration with the Square POS as Square powers Weebly. So, it allows managing your inventories and merchandise in one location. When products go on discount or when supplies are limited, you can also add badges to the products.

It’s 100% free to download; however, costs tend to add up quickly if you find yourself needing to download any add-ons. Unlike the other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, there are no tiered pricing plans. PrestaShop is an open-source platform whose pricing is based on hosting and theme costs. It is a drag-and-drop e-commerce website builder that allows you to set up a visual online store and sell physical or digital products online without any coding knowledge.

Its modern layouts highlight your products and are simple to customize, enabling you to change any layout to fit your brand. While the platform has a bit of a learning curve to it, the robust features and extensive inventory system make the work worthwhile. Choosing the best ecommerce website builder will give you a dedicated space to display your products, facilitate online transactions, and make it simple to track your financial progress. For this piece, we focused on ecommerce website builders that were as easy to use as possible. And let’s face it, WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin is not easy to use.

Unfortunately, you will be limited in your ability to internationalize due to tricky language settings and shipping choices. When you sign up for a Wix ecommerce site, you get access to a rapidly improving ecommerce platform, with unmatched help and support. In our user testing, Wix scored well for ease of use – particularly for having an easy-to-understand interface. If you’re not familiar with its backend, it does have a bit of a steep learning curve.

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