Saint Maximin Stone Masque bandeau

Saint Maximin Stone

Saint Maximin Stone


Its identity : Limestone

Its shades : Beige, cream, yellow


Its origins : France – Oise

Available finishes:  Soft, polished, brushed, curled, chiselled

Available size :  Contact us

Use : Indoors – Outdoors – non-immersible stone

The Saint-Maximin stone – sometimes called Saint Leu of Esserent sonte, Saint-Vaast-lès-Mello stone, or even Paris stone abroad – is a French limestone, from the department of Oise.


Lots of famous historic buildings such as the Louvre, the Chateau de Versailles, the Palais Bourbon or the Place de la Concorde were built with this stone.


Nowadays, this limestone is used in the renovation of modern and historic buildings or as natural aggregates for the realisation of concrete. 

It is also used for exterior or interior paving, with a suitable finish.

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