Our granite Masque bandeau

Our granite

The Granite is a natural rock, composed of very hard minerals (quartz, feldspar, mica, etc…). It hardness is comparable to a hardened steel, which gives it a perfect holf over time. Its strength and ease of maintenance make it the perfect material for cooking. In fact, it is not affected by heat, scratches or even wetlands.

Its many colour variants, as well as its beauty and elegance, seduce many interior designers for their projects.


Discover without further delay our different stones.

Noir Angola

Noir Tezal

Azul Noche

Gris Parga


Blanco Iberico

Silver White

Américan white

Royal Blue Pearl

Marina Blue Pearl

Azul Platino

Créma Terra

Créma Julia

Rosa Porriño

Baltic Brown

Emerald Pearl

Brown Antique











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