Hainaut Blue limestone Masque bandeau

Hainaut Blue limestone

Identity: Limestone

Shades: Blue

Caracteristics: Black stone with quartz

Origins: Belgium

Available finishes:  honed, polished, tambourished, brushed, sanded, sanded brushed,
Flamed, brushed, steel, brushed, brushed, brushed, chiselled, tambourished, old castle, stuffed…

Available format: All formats

Use: Indoors – Outdoors – Non immersible stone

It is a limestone ranging from blue to dark grey. This is a natural stone extracted in Belgium in the region of Soignies.
This stone is very appreciated by architects and different prescribers as it is offered in different finishes for indoor and outdoor. It is nevertheless not recommended outdoor use in areas of severe frost. Matching colors exist in Egypt, Viet Nam, Ireland. 


This stone is naturally porous and its pores and micropores are sufficiently open to allow water to go through or penetrate.

The less a stone is porous or « closed », the more it will be hard and resistant.

Créa Stone