Comblanchien Burgundy stone Masque bandeau

Comblanchien Burgundy stone

Identity : Limestone

Shades : pink of bindweed  and beige

Characteristics :  Natural stone with very fine grain, frost resistant

Assets :  Timeless through its past use

Origin :  French natural stone (Burgundy : Côte-d’Or)

Finishes :  soft, polished, tambourished, brushed, sanded, sanded brushed,
Flame, Brushed Flame, Steel, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel, Rugged…

Available format : All formats

Use : Interior – Exterior – Frost resistant


This limestone, better known as the marble of Comblanchien, has a very fine grain and owes its name to the town of Comblanchien, where it outcrops on the cliffs thanks to its great resistance to erosion.
This rock is the origin of the exceptional limestone terroir where the vines draw finesse, richness and minerality, typical of the Burgundy appellations (Protected Designation of Origine).
Its beige-pink colour can vary from light beige to brown beige, with delicate fossil inclusions.

Its frost resistance allows outdoor use even in cooler areas. As this is a high quality marble stone, it can support many finishes, ideal for indoor applications.

There are different references, the Comblanchien Clair that shows a fairly uniform stone, the Comblanchien slightly speckled or the Comblanchien Ramagé, which has important colour effects.

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