Azul Valverde Masque bandeau

Azul Valverde

Azul Valverde


Its identity: Limestone 

Its shades: Brown to green grey – brown 

Its characteristics:  strong shades of colours

Its origins : Portuguese

Available finishes :  Bamboo, velvet, wave, wild, wet effect

Use : Indoors – Non-immersible stone

This natural stone has a good resistance to wear and tear. Its indoor uses are multiple: flooring, wall cladding or stairs. Outdoors, you should avoid wetlands, as Azul Valverde is a porous limestone, it is very sensitive (spot formation).


A small warning concerning the visual aspect: difference of colours of the Azul Valverde are often present, even in the same batch. It should also be noted that small crystals can form on the surface and give a rough appearance, described as cement stains by non-professionals.

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