Zimbabwe black granite Masque bandeau

Zimbabwe black granite

Identity: Granite

Shades of colors: Black

Caracteristics: Very uniform black grey

Assets: Very low porosity, very high resistance

Origins: Zimbabwe

Available finishes:  Smooth, polished, drumming, brushed, sanded, brushed,
flamed, brushed flamed, acid, brushed, chiselled, chiselled brushed drums…

Available format: All formats

Use: Indoor – Outdoor – Submergable Stone

The black granite of Zibabwe, known as Zimbabwe marble, is known to be particularly strong and resistant to heat, moisture and scratches.
Its deep black colour gives it elegance and ease of maintenance. On the work surface in your kitchen, on the floor or on the wall in your kitchen

Facade of the Gabonese bank union - Zimbabwe black granite

zimbabwe black granite


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